Oh Well – It's Ok
"Oh Well – It's Ok" Brings Smiles To Troubled Faces

Laughter and Humor




Laughter and Humor Make Challenging Situations Bearable

Adding laughter and a little humor to our lives makes a great antidote for a bad attitude. Also, we can surround ourselves with positive-minded people who have the gift of laughter and simply find pleasure in living. I love to be around these people and I suspect that you do too!


I worked with a woman several years ago, who frequently listened with earphones to an amusing radio station while she worked. I often heard her hysterical laughter in the background as I pounded away on the computer keyboard. She made me chuckle when I heard her laughing; laughter is contagious you know. This funny quirk she had made each day of my job more enjoyable. Besides, it was difficult to be angry or frustrated with my job when I could hear her laughter in the background.

I heard it said that laughter is scientifically proven to be healthy, and that it can make us live longer because of the serotonin it releases. I believe it! Life takes on new meaning when we are happy. Things look different, and life seems to go smoother. If trouble comes along, it is handled or dismissed because we don’t want anything to destroy our good mood. Isn’t that right?

What good comes out of being in gloom and doom? What benefits are there to being angry, feeling hurt, or being a sour puss? You have to let go of what is causing those feelings, deal with them the best you can, and then move on.

Winking Smily Face

Have you noticed that, when you laugh, you exercise face muscles and other parts of your body? I noticed it. So I guess we could say that laughter is actually a fun way to get a workout!

I noticed that laughter also works out stress that’s in my face, as well as in the chest and stomach muscles. I know this because those parts hurt after I have laughed a lot. You know what I am talking about, don’t you?

Likely you have heard some people say, “I laughed so hard that my stomach hurts!” Or they may say, “I won’t be able to smile for at least a week!” Does this not resemble what we often say after a good workout at the gym? I am just jesting.

Laughing exercise is not the same as getting a good physical workout, but the fact still remains that a good laugh works muscles not often used in our everyday endeavors. It is truly an exercise that provides plenty of benefits.


Meditation is another tool that helps us escape a negative attitude. It helps us leave the outside world to the outside and to be more focused and centered on the inside. This is when we are able to communicate best with our inner self and to understand things better.

the universe

I use meditation to help me know what I need to do next. In other words, I can connect with the universe, as they say (which I call connecting with God). This connection nourishes my spirit with what I need to become stronger, and it helps me accomplish what I want to do and to be a peaceful person. You can benefit from meditation like this as well. Try it! I think you will like it!


Meditation does not have to be done the way you see on the movie screen, with strange humming and people being totally oblivious to the goings-on around them. Meditation can be done by simply getting comfortable in a quiet place and relaxing (as in the bathtub with lighted candles), or by visualization ( thinking of a peaceful place, as in the pictures above) and then letting the mind go where it wants.


It helps when you add relaxed breathing. You breathe in peace and exhale the garbage inside you. The massage therapist who taught me how to meditate this way said to imagine bringing in light and joy as I slowly take a deep breath. The exhale is slowly blowing out the pain and darkness I feel. If an area hurts, he told me to focus my mind there and then blow out the pain and  breathe in relief. It really works!


In conclusion, I want to say that I know life will have more meaning and purpose when we control our thinking, control our moods, and control our lifestyle choices. When we are happy, when we have a positive outlook toward the future, when we try to live our lives with purpose every day, I know our lives will change. It changes because we change the dynamics that allow us to have more of what is important to us.

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